Contact Info - Greece

Tel.            (+30) 2710 49 12 80
Mobile (1)  (+30) 6972 91 41 61
Mobile (2)  (+30) 6972 91 41 64


Contact Info - China

Mr. Thomas Karras
Mob.  (+86) 139 2518 3949

Mr. Andreas Parchas
Mob.  (+86) 153 8179 4997

Our Vision

It is globally well-known that Olive Oil is the base of the Healthy Mediterranean Diet and that the History and Culture of Greece are very attached to this fact. Our vision along with our business scope is to offer this unique experience of healthy lifestyle to consumers at overseas, in accordance with KAGLIS family philosophy which always was and always will be "only the best can have our name!"

Our Mission

At 2009 as soon as the financial crisis "knocked the door of the West" CHRISTOS KAGLIS & CO immediately focused on export marketing and "knocked the door of the East". At 2010 became member of the HELLENIC-CHINESE CHAMBER OF INDUSTRY & COMMERCE and at 2011 established representative offices at Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Until now, through respected collaborations and partnerships, KAGILS company has obtain a keen understanding of the quite immature but with great dynamic and enormous potential Chinese olive oil market. Our company's business model refers to trading relationships that request for high-quality services and exceptional products of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, PGI, PDO and Organic EVOO, certified products of our BRANDS but also available in private label.(OEM)