Contact Info - Greece

Tel.            (+30) 2710 49 12 80
Mobile (1)  (+30) 6972 91 41 61
Mobile (2)  (+30) 6972 91 41 64


Contact Info - China

Mr. Thomas Karras
Mob.  (+86) 139 2518 3949

Mr. Andreas Parchas
Mob.  (+86) 153 8179 4997


Enjoy your virtual tour at our company's website and welcome to visit our factory facilities and olive tree farms at beautiful Greece, as from October until April annually we produce fresh olive oil from the new harvest.

The olive oil production mill, bottling and packaging factory CHRISTOS KAGLIS & CO is a family owned business, located at Elaiochori village near Tripoli city of Arcadia prefecture, at the Peloponnese peninsula of Greece.

About Us

KAGLIS family through the generations has been proudly dedicated to the production of top class first-cold-pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, by having full control of all stages involved and by managing the process of growing, harvesting, milling, storing, standardization of food safety and quality assurance of the final product.

Based on the European Union regulations we follow HACCP - ISO standards certified by DIONET and furthermore our factory is certified as "Biological Model" extraction plant of olive oil by AGROCERT. Both organizations, DIONET and AGROCERT are inspection and certification bodies of Greece, authorized by the Hellenic Accreditation System S.A.(ESYD)